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Imagine a future that includes a new, powerful kind of money - SunMoney - that works right beside the old kind of money, but belongs to the people who create it to pay each other to build resilient and prosperous local communities.

Give The Money Back To The People
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Reconomy significantly discounts one or two key resources that it creates local currency to develop, such as renewable energy, when the resources are purchased with the local currency, synergizing the demand for the local currency with the demand for these resources.

This demand empowers communities to use their local money to employ persons to develop and steward all their human and natural resources - not only renewable energy, but also clean water, healthful food, quality sanitation, basic education, safe housing, human and natural habitat, art, and more - anything and everything that can be accomplished when people and communities have continuous access to clean energy, strong money, and a community network of mutual support.

In 2006, the SunMoney strategy was introduced as "The Birdshot Global Initiative" at the first International Disaster and Risk Conference, as the beginning of a global effort to create an economic emergency preparedness and response strategy that will work in any community.

We focused our pilots on developed communities as well as emerging communities, to create a roadmap to self-reliance and sustainable prosperity for every community. The Reconomy project's People Power Stations (PPS) is the result of that endeavor.

In off-grid communities we begin with pedal-power to include those at the very bottom of the economic pyramid in the People Power Station marketplaces. As energy demand grows in these communities, and when beginning in more-developed communities, we seamlessly integrate solar, small wind, and other neighborhood-scale energy solutions. And each People Power Station includes access to our mobile-based marketplace where communities trade goods and services locally and globally.

PPSs acquire national money for technology and other tools that might not be possible to produce locally, such as mobiles and high-tech energy systems, by offering all goods and services for national money as well as SunMoney (or for a combination of SunMoney and national currency).

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Interdependent wealth is the dream of a sustainable world.

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